Eun Me Ahn – Choreographer

Patrick Blasa – Musician/Composer

Maya Carroll – Dancer/Choreographer

Roy Carroll – Musician/Composer

Murielle Elizeon – Dancer/Choreographer

Cie Epiderme – Company

Carl Faber – Lighting Designer

Nadia Fistarol – Costume and Set Designer

Monica Gillette – Dancer/Choreographer

Instant Pudding! – Improv Association

Thomas Jeker – Musician/Composer/Performer

l’Album AbcDanse

Melanie Lane – Dancer/Choreographer

Jo-anne Lee – Dancer/Choreographer

Michael Löhr – Dancer/Choreographer


Sarah Marguier – Costume Designer

Doreen Markert – Production/Management/Project Development

Mimi Messner – Dancer/Direction/Choreography

Manoeuvres – Festival

Moritz Müller – Set/Costume Designer

Mouvement Contemporain

Tommy Noonan – Choreographer/Dancer

Posttheater – Company/Performance/Events

Cie Scalene – Company

Tom Schneider – Composer/Performer/Musician

Amy Stafford – Graphic Design/Identity Development/Project Development

Theater Freiburg

Angelika Thiele – Choreographer/Dancer

Johannes Wieland – Dancer/Choreographer

Katarina Witt – Ice Skater/Performer/Project Development

Stella Zannou – Dancer/Choreographer


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