1’59 – 2016

2016 Paris Quartier d’Eté 

Francais:  http://www.anneefrancecoree.com/fr/we-are-korean-honey

1’59 is an adventure concocted by Eun Me Ahn, filled with workshops, discussions, beer, emails, performances, amateurs, professionals, laughter, friendships and more.  Originally conceived in Korea, and reproduced several times in Seoul and Busan, the festival Paris Quartier d’Eté invited Eun Me to export her concept to the French capital to see if such a concept is universal.

Around 100 amateurs began the adventure in April and participated in various workshops (dance, theater, video, music composition, singing…) over the course of several months, culminating in each of the amateurs creating their own performances, each lasting exactly 1 minute and 59 seconds.

Performed at Carreau du Temple within the framework of a week of Korean culture designed by Eun Me Ahn, titled We Are Korean Honey, the synergy created was contagious.  These performances were the perfect culmination for the year of the French/Korean cultural exchange.


Concept – Eun Me Ahn
Artistic Coordinator – Clint Lutes
Organization/Coordination – Julie Mouton
Production – Paris Quartier d’Eté

An event organized within the framework of the French-Korean cultural exchange year.