DaPoPa (Danse Pour Parkinson) is a project that strives to use artistic and physical practices (improvisation, somatic and others) as a medium to open verbal and nonverbal dialogue around community, research and movement disorder. We create activities where exploration and exchange based on generosity, curiosity and intention help inform physical, social, cognitive and identity development. Our events are open to all ages, abilities, disciplines and backgrounds and take influence from topics associated with Parkinson’s Disease and the correlation between these themes and our environment, relationships and daily life.


We aim to show how community dance projects, scientific research and artistic practice simultaneously inform one another. We introduce methods of questioning that include the body’s accumulated physical knowledge, and seek to identify and advance an understanding of how this knowledge that is specific to dance is applicable elsewhere.
DaPoPa, launched in 2016 by dancer Clint Lutes, is supported by its partners l’Album-AbcDanse and Mouvement Contemporain, and benefits from additional support from France Parkinson, Le Pacifique-CDC Grenoble, micadanses and a wonderful team of interns, teachers and volunteers.