***Classes/Workshops can be taught in English, German and French

Improv Class Description: This workshop is using elements of Instant Composition and is influenced by a mix of artistic and scientific research. It is a journey through body-texture, connection and negotiation. We’ll engage in movement explorations using basic tools that combine to create complex situations, that encourage us to be present in our bodies, our points of view and our relationships. The work encourages release, patience, generosity and honesty and will be physically adaptable to each person’s body, state and feeling. We’ll attempt to be present, wild, imaginative, connected and curious. Any level of mover with at least some experience is welcome.

Work with Amateurs / Communication in Movement

The amateur work is characterized by an empowerment of the individual and the creation of a supportive and subjective group dynamic.  I encourage everyone to develop their own movement material or improvisations tools and structures that remove the focus from ‘dancing’ and placing it rather on the other or on a communicative gesture for example.

The Communication in Movement workshops are inspired by non-verbal communication and the simple actions of giving and receiving of information.  Communicating a direction, a gesture, a story, a speed…  This can be done with amateurs or professionals, adults or children and is very beneficial even in corporate situations by improving posture, office morale as well as providing additional clarity in communication.

Dance For Parkinson’s

In this workshop, we’ll engage in improvisations that question our relationships to space, texture, each other and movement initiation.  It is a modifiable journey that invites you to engage with the material while adapting the movements to your own body, without any expectation other than presence in your moving body.  It is an exchange in movement, an open communication between each other, our own bodies and the space around us.

Improvisation in this sense is the investigation of actions, a play on the interpretation of movements and interactions.  We’ll work with games and with methods of how we connect with each other and our surroundings.  We’ll each work within our own possibilities but also to identify new possibilities in movement through these investigations.  The goal is to create a situation that every movement is correct and that we learn and share while expanding our knowledge of ourselves and each other.

Where I’ve taught:

Sasha Waltz & Guests, Akram Khan Company, CND Paris, CND Lyon, ImPulsTanz, Tanzhaus Zurich, K3 Hamburg, CCN Rillieux-la-Pape, CCN Grenoble, CDC Le Pacifique Grenoble, Theater Freiburg, Australian Dance Theater, Mousonturm…

California State Univ. Fullerton, New York University, Suwon University, Seneca Intesiv, Seoul Performing Arts High School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, Options Dance Festival…