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Misalliance is a choreographic work that playfully attempts to alter the viewing experience of the spectator.  Monica Gillette and Clint Lutes establish all elements of the theatrical setting step by step, creating a tension and situation that is gradually re-formed and re-imagined together with the audience.  Next to the misalliance that exists between them onstage, they also explore one that exists between stage and audience by gradually allowing the audience direct influence over the actions occurring onstage.

They offer a mash-up of recognizable dance styles that are individually pleasing, but combined, challenge the viewer to capture each one. They re-imagine, push, layer, exaggerate and deconstruct their understanding of their many shared experiences as performers. The movement is influenced from explorations involving real time input from images provided by the audience and the resulting connections between the dancers, allowing it to evolve with each performance.

The creation process of Misalliance included several open rehearsals where the observations and criticisms of the audience greatly influenced the development of the piece.  What physical sensations did they experience?  What did they see?  What memories did it spark? These shared journeys by the performers and audience have uniquely impacted the creation of an original contemporary dance work, which will continue to be shaped by each future performance.

Choreography        Monica Gillette & Clint Lutes
Performance          Monica Gillette & Clint Lutes
Sound Design        Tom Schneider
Dramaturgy            Josef Mackert

Produced by               Theater Freiburg                        http://theater.freiburg.de/
Residency (1month)   Le Pacifique CDC Grenoble     http://www.pacifique-cdc.com/
Additional Support     La Rampe Echirolles                 http://www.larampe-echirolles.fr/

Press Quotes

“More harmony isn’t possible.  Abundant consensual cheerfulness exists both onstage as well as in the audience.”

“Gillette and Lutes perform spontaneous variations of the choreography brilliantly.”

– Badische Zeitung, Saturday June 29, 2013

“A performance that pulls the spectators in, a warm and gentle evening… absolutely perfect.”

“A ravenous and attentive public, eager to participate whenever asked…”

-Le Dauphiné Libéré; Saturday July 13, 2013


Open Rehearsals

– December 7, 2012 & February 28, 2013 CDC Le Pacifique Grenoble, France
– December 21, 2013 Tanzstudio Theater Freiburg, Germany
– February 8 & May 29, 2013 Kammerbühne Theater Freiburg, Germany

– June 27, 2013 Kammerbühne Theater Freiburg

Additional Performances
– Theater Freiburg – June 29, July 11, 13, November 15, 16, December 2013; May 30, 31 2014
– Festival Format Ârdeche, France – July 6
– Festival La Becquée Brest, France October 7, 2015
– Studio Marie Lenfant Le Mans, France October 14, 15, 16, 2015
– La Ponatiere Echirolles, France – April 28, 2016


A workshop can be offered as part of the performances.
Workshop description:

The purpose of this workshop is to explore different ideas focused around finding patience, joy, clarity and precision in our improvisational practice. Working both with solo and group improvisation, we will attempt to find ease in our connections and trust in our inner rhythm. We’ll focus on reaction rather than action, dive into the multiple textures in our bodies and swim through pleasures. We will be still and wild, mute and blind, helpful and provoking. The day will begin with a thorough warm-up, preparing to use the mind and body effectively and engaging our interior and exterior focus.

Booking & Information (in English, French or German):

Josef Mackert
Head Dramaturg Theater Freiburg

Clint Lutes
+33 6 13 53 42 74


Monica Gillette was born in Los Angeles and grew up training in classical ballet with The Stanley Holden Dance Studio and the Joffrey Ballet. She continued her training in contemporary dance with several choreographers in Los Angeles and New York, where she worked with Johannes Wieland, Noemie Lafrance and Patrick Corbin, among others.

In 2007, she was a danceWEB scholarship recipient at Impulstanz in Vienna, and has been working in Europe since 2008, both as a performer and performance maker. She is part of the artist driven network Sweet and Tender Collaborations through which she has collaborated on projects in France, Portugal, and Germany, as well as The Fajr International Theater Festival in Tehran, Iran. In 2010 she co-created an evening length work with António Pedro Lopes called “Lights on Doesn’t Mean We’re Home,” which was co-produced by Escrita na Paisagem, Teatro Micalense and DEVIR/CAPA, with additional support by the Gulbenkian Foundation.

From 2009-2011 she was a member of the dance ensemble with Physical Virus Collective (pvc) at Theater Freiburg, Germany. In 2012, she returned to Theater Freiburg as a dancer and choreographer, and the solo piece “Virus,” directed by Tom Schneider, which engages a constant interplay between dance and a live camera attached to the body was invited to the Machol Hadash Festival in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2013, Monica will be in creation for a project with Yasmeen Godder and Itzik Giuli, and is currently teaching and developing unique workshops surrounding movement improvisation and video.

Monica also attended film school at Loyola Marymount University in California and worked in Hollywood as a film editor on such shows as “The Sopranos” and “Crime & Punishment.” She has worked as a freelance editor for the TED conferences for their TEDtalks on TED.com.

Clint Lutes first studied Theater, then completed a BFA in Dance at New York University. He has worked with Joy Kellman, Joachim Schlömer, Maya Lipsker, Melanie Lane, Johannes Wieland, Yann Lheureux, Eun Me Ahn, Brian Brooks Moving Company and Christoph Winkler, among others.

Clint’s work has been presented in Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Austria, South Korea and the U.S.A. He premiered A Johnny Caged Community and Did You Say Something in 2011. In 2012 he worked with Collectif Coin on Alte Schule with 50 amateurs; 2 premieres in 2013 – Alles Bewegt in Festspielhaus St. Pölten and Misalliance in Freiburg (in collaboration with Monica Gillette). He has created works for the Vis Motrix Company, posttheater, pvc Tanz Freiburg/Heidelberg, Collectif Coin and Festspielhaus St. Pölten.

His current collaborators include Tommy Noonan (Brother Brother), Maurizio Grandinetti (A Johnny Caged Community) and Monica Gillette/Angelika Thiele (Did You Say Something?). He also participated in the creation of several ice skating productions for live performance and television with Katarina Witt as well as on Versus, a circus/cabaret production with the Chamäleon Theater in Berlin.

Clint co-founded and was the Artistic Director of the LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie in Berlin from 2004-2010 (www.luckytrimmer.com). In 2006 Clint participated in the danceWEB scholarship program at ImpulsTanz. He also participates in THE VILLAGE Tanznacht 2010, IDOCDE (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education) and the artist collective Groupe de 7.

He has taught for Sasha Waltz & Guests, Australian Dance Theater, CCN Rillieux-la-Pape, Options Dance Festival, Le Pacifique | CDC Grenoble, CCN Grenoble, CND Lyon, Stadttheaters Freiburg, Saarbrücken and Osnabrück, Suwon University, Kookmin University and the Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Tom Schneider was born in Schlema, Germany.  From 2001 to 2004 he worked as Assistant Director and Musician at Theater Basel.  Since 2004 he has worked as a director and presented work at Theater Basel, Theater Heidelberg, Theater Osnabrück, Landestheater Württemberg-Hohenzollern, Tübingen, Reutlingen and Musikakademie Basel/Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.  He  worked from 2006-2011 at Theater Freiburg as a director and dramaturg with pvc tanz and created Tausendschönchen, For Love and Hast Du Poppers? Together with Sebastian Nübling he worked as a musician and actor on Mutter. (Vater. Kind.).

Josef Mackert born in Karlsruhe, Germany studied philosophy, literature and history in Freiburg, Paris and Berlin.  He also worked as a translator and publisher of books and catalogs.  As Head Dramaturg at Theater Freiburg he has worked with Sebastian Baumgarten, Calixto Bieito, Christoph Frick, Thomas Krupa, Marcus Lobbes, Stephan Rottkamp and Joachim Schloemer.  He has also worked as a professor at the Philology Institute and the Institue for Ethics and History of Medicine at the University of Freiburg.  He has written for Theater Heute, Die Deutsche Bühne and Theater der Zeit.  He has co-published Das Gehirn als Projekt. Wissenschaftler, Künstler und Schüler erkunden unsere neurotechnische Zukunft and HEART OF THE CITY Recherchen zum Stadttheater der Zukunft.  In 2009 he was artistic director of the Baden-Württemberg Theater Days, 2010 Jury member for Mülheim Theater Days.

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4 thoughts on “Misalliance

  1. Clint Lutes a l’habitude de jouer avec la frontiere entre scene et spectateurs, le spectacle est souvent declenche, perturbe, devie par l’interaction entre le public et le performer comme dans sa precedente piece

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