Brother Brother



Brother Brother

Creation & Performance:  Clint Lutes & Tommy Noonan

Lighting: Carl Faber

Costume: Moritz Mueller

Produced by Theater Freiburg pvc Tanz Freiburg Heidelberg

Who are these two people? How long have they been here? Is this the end of a relationship or the beginning? Did they chose to be together or have they no choice? As blood connection, as accidental lover, as soul mate, as casual acquaintance, as mortal enemy and as exhausted friends, Brother Brother advances through various images and relationships between two men on an empty stage.

Sugarhigh:   ‘Never, ever come between a man and his bromance. For the male-male bond is a special one—a force to be reckoned with; perhaps one of the most enigmatic of them all. A true bromance is much more than just a friendship: It’s a brotherhood that transcends everyday earthly matters like beer, burping, and boobs to encompass near-unconditional loyalty and an unspoken understanding of soul mate proportions. You’ll know real bromance when you see it. On a random Tuesday night, perhaps, in the Kneipe on the corner: that pair of guys sitting together. In complete and utter silence.

Much could be said about the relationships of the male species. One creative venture into this complex territory is “Brother Brother,” a dance piece interweaving mime, dance, and brute physicality to create an intimate, violent, hilarious, sexually charged but at the same time platonic and, in any case, very humane and touching portrayal. Conceived of, choreographed, and performed by American dancer duo Clint Lutes and Tommy Noonan, the critically acclaimed and highly bromantic piece premieres tonight at Dock 11 for a short, four-night run.’ Sugarhigh


October 16, 2009 | pvc Freiburg
8 pm | Kammerbühne Stadttheater Freiburg


October 23,25 – 8pm | Kammerbühne, Freiburg

November 5,8 – 8pm | Zwinger 1, Heidelberg

November 15,21,29 – 8pm | Kammerbühne, Freiburg

December 12,13 – 8pm | Tacheles, Berlin


February 26 – 7:30pm | Box Theater – Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria

April 2-4 – 8:30 pm | DOCK11 Berlin

April 8,9 – 8pm | Kammerbühne, Freiburg

June 19 | Kammerbühne, Freiburg

December 13 | Kammberbühne, Freiburg


June 25 | Montpellier Danse/Mouvement Sur la Ville, Montpellier

November 29, 30 | Globalize Cologne, Cologne, Germany

December 2, 3, 4 | Cabaret Inestable, Valencia, Spain


March 9 | Cité Danse, Grenoble, France

March 29, 30, 31, April 1 | DOCK 11, Berlin, Germany


April 5 | L’Abaeicite, Corbigny, France

October 2,3 | Mac Orlan – La Becquee, Brest, France

October 17,18,19 | Studio Marie Lenfant, Le Mans, France


December 18,19,20 | The Carrack, Durham, North Carolina USA


March 29 | Studio Marie Lenfant, Le Mans, France




Between mime and dance, they dare much, they are the cry of the seagull, invite a spectator to delude themselves to hear the noise of the sea in a tray filled with seeds. A work of duo, more than of two, very masterful.  Midi Libre 08/07/2011 Stéphanie Teillais

‘The Grand Shock of the Week! We can compare them to comedians, because they know how to transport us somewhere else, in an extravagant world. But at the same time, there is no contempt. We remain in a grand poetic courtesy.’  Danse á Montpellier, 25 June Jean Marc Douillard

‘…a marvelously friendly utopia of fraternal life, without balancing the obvious unevenness, competition and jeering characterizing this brotherly relationship.’  Badische Zeitung, 20.10.2009 Jürgen Reuß

‘…a last act, from Clint Lutes in mute tolerance, from Tommy Noonan with howling and chattering teeth, had an alluring effect.  …that was evidence that, in this short, entertaining evening of theater a powerful tension with simple ingredients was produced.’  Rhein Neckar Zeitung, 7./8.11.2009 Isabelle v. Neumann-Cosel

‘In Brother Brother, in brotherly connection, all levels of togetherness are included: from friend to enemy, from brotherly love to adversarial hatred or from mutual trust to splitting jealousy.  At the end, when both artists turn toward the wall, their shadows in forms of neanderthals or aliens, one bellows wildly and out of the other penetrates a bright siren-like raucous.  In the first part of their Bible series Lutes and Noonan created brilliant scenes and vivid sounds in Brother Brother.  We can all be more than excited for the second part.  …Lutes and Noonan created brilliant scenes and vivid sounds in Brother Brother.’, 10.11.2009 Nora Abdel Rahman

Photos by Maurice Korbel

Photos by Jennifer Pasquier