Some Give and Take with Anticipation

Photos from Kabhrel

Photos from Kabhrel

Premiere October 2007

The two choreographers, Clint Lutes and Maya Lipsker share the topic of Leibniz’ philosophy of monads and will collect images and metaphors to create two dance pieces about human behavior within different groups of society.
From the point of view of reflecting/mirroring each other and the world around them they will focus their research into their own private micro-cosmos, where intuition, instincts and passions are the strongest elements.
In this mirror they seek to reflect an uncompromising universe, where solitude, pain and aggression are bound to exist, obeying the rules of pre-established harmony.

Monads are the structural building blocks as described by Leibniz.  Monads are divided into 3 different levels of perception – without memory, with memory and conscious awareness and a third with self-consciousness, reason and memory (humans).  We wish to challenge our self-perception as well as our exterior perception.  Expressing thoughts and statements with our physical language, we wish to create images that can reflect human behavior in a tribe, a community a society.  Depending on the observational abilities of the inhabitants problems are exacerbated or resolved.  Society is a manifestation of awareness.  We wish to present our translation and understanding of this manifestation through physical language to an audience in order to enable them the opportunity to reflect upon themselves and their own habits of observation.  Welcome to our micro-cosmos…

Choreography Clint Lutes
Music Tom Schneider
Costume & Set Nadia Fistarol

Dancers & Choreography

Murielle Elizeon
Sumi Jang
Melanie Lane
Maya Lipsker
Tommy Noonan
Sebastian Robinsky

Produced by pvc – Theater Freiburg & Städtische Bühne Heidelberg

Length 35 minutes