LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie is a platform for maximum 10-minute contemporary performance works in Berlin. Created in 2004, it has grown to be a mainstay in the European dance scene, having organized 25 editions through 2017, in addition to several guest appearances in Cardiff, Mainz, Freiburg, Heidelberg and elsewhere.

Our goal is to provide as many regional and international choreographers with a regular and cost-free platform to present their newest ideas as well as offer the Berlin audience an exciting insight into the many facets of the contemporary dance scene.

Unique to LUCKY TRIMMER is the unusual format in which contemporary dance is presented according to our knowledge of the scene. LUCKY TRIMMER presents a series of pieces, each under 10 minutes, that are engaged with physicality, movement and performance.

From dance-theater to clown, music to acrobatics, spoken words to animation movies, conceptual pieces to intricate movement research, LUCKY TRIMMER attempts to show the complexity of the contemporary dance scene and how it is interwoven with and informed by other genres of performance. We have stood between worlds – bridging the avant-guarde and the mainstream – and we are in a position to close the distance between them and largely on our own terms.

In addition we are dedicated to magnify the validity and importance of Short Dance in relation to Short Film, Short Stories, etc.

The audience has been our biggest success yet. From inception, LUCKY TRIMMER was able to win them over with its casual, cabaret-like atmosphere and establish itself as a mainstay in the Berlin cultural landscape. We are proud to have a mixture of audience of all ages who are both dance experts as well as complete newcomers.  The continued increase in audience has allowed LUCKY TRIMMER to continue to expand its development and support for LUCKY artists.

Our curatorial team have widely varied backgrounds, with individual experts in the fields of dance, medicine, graphic design, psychology, mothering, body work and others and work on a volunteer basis.

As patrons of the arts we hope to raise awareness of artists and production, provoke debate and offer working and presentation possibilities.  Audience, critics, producers, festival directors and cultural programmers are invited to develop a picture of the creative accomplishments of our artists.  LUCKY TRIMMER has presented over 250 artists since its beginning, helped through private sponsoring, ticket sales and through the volunteer work of its curatorial team.

In addition to our regular shows LUCKY TRIMMER has been invited to international  festivals and theatres. In summer 2006 we presented LUCKY TRIMMER Open Air at the Rohkunstbau Festival on the grounds of a small castle just outside Berlin. In January and February 2007 LUCKY TRIMMER went on tour to the city theaters of Freiburg and Heidelberg.  Also in 2007 LUCKY TRIMMER was invited by Tanz im August in Berlin to present LUCKY DANCE SWAP, a cooperation with its sister show DANCEOFF! from New York. In addition we have organized classes, workshops, film presentations and the LUCKY THINKING symposium – all alternative event formats related to the idea of LUCKY TRIMMER that we would like to continue developing in the future.