Etre et Habiter

In 2017 and 2018 I was invited by the choreographer Johan Amselem to create a work in the psychiatric hospital Barthélémy Durand. I collaborated with one caregiver and one person being treated at the hospital. What a fantastic collaboration that resulted in a wild, beautiful and colourful performance (we were literally covered with paint powder or cooking flour).

The other choreographers involved in the project were Johan Amselem, Sophie Bocquet and Coco, each of whom made a short work in a similar context and with a similar group of people.

We were lucky to perform the works in 3 places :

  • Outdoors at the Barthélémy Durand Hospital site in Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois
  • Inside the laundry facility at the Barthélémy Durand Hospital site in Etampes (in the photo)
  • At the dance center Micadanses in Paris

The project was supported by funding for Culture in Hospitals, as well as the Direction of Cultural Affairs and the Regional Agency of Health in the Paris region, by the community in Etampes and by micadanses.

Video of “flashmob” created with residents at the hospital Barthélémy Durand