1’59 2019

May 8-11, 2019 – Theatre de la Ville Paris
In the framework of Chantiers d’Europe

Concept and direction : Eun Me Ahn
Artistic collaborator : Clint Lutes

Inspired by American artist Andy Warhol’s renowned “15 minutes of fame”, Eun-Me Ahn gives 50 young amateur dancers their chance to shine, with 1 minute and 59 seconds on stage to strut their stuff. Ahn’s choice of time is anything but random: it corresponds to the average interval that people spend on one online video before clicking off. A true piece of performance art, comprising a series of 50 individual sketches, “1’59 – Being 20 in 2020” calls itself the reflection of an era, and the snapshot of a generation. Treating a variety of themes—love, questions of gender, racism, family, and the environment—without prejudice or judgement, the South Korean choreographer prompts us to reflect upon the state of contemporary society.

Olivier Fregaville