2016 Dates

Good news!

The new year will bring some more stability in the form of classes, workshops, performances and projects. And a lot of that will be in Paris! Here’s a quick list of dates and info…


**Don’t miss the final conferences for Störung/Hafraah at Theater Freiburg December 18th & 19th

4-8 & 11-15 – 11:00 – Teaching professional classes at the CND Paris 5 & 12 – 18:00 – Teaching Improv at the ENS Paris (write me for more details) 30-31 – Improvisation open level workshop at Studio Marie Lenfant in Le Mans

Watch out for updates…
Will be replacing Ingrid Bizaguet between February 6th-13th
Performing with Catherine Cary February 12th

Teaching for South Florida University in Paris

2 & 3 – Kickoff weekend for 1:59 in collaboration with Eun Me Ahn and Paris Quartier d’Été 10 – Performing A Johnny Caged Community in Basel with Maurizio Grandinetti 22, 23, 24 – Manoeuvres workshop series at ABCDanse in Grenoble 28 – Performing Misalliance at La Ponatiere in Echirolles

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