Fall School Art and Science

Fall School Art and Science : Transdisciplinarity – increasing scientific and artistic creativity.

Paris 22-27 October 2018

Art is at the crossroad of several disciplines and therefore constitutes a unique experimental configuration to stimulate scientific creativity, transdisciplinarity and epistemological trends on innovative paradigms based on open science, open complex systems, holistic approach, and technologies. The focus will be on the Art and Science interface and on the investigation of beauty and aesthetics. Participants will enjoy a teaching of quality, stimulating their artistic/scientific creativity. By doing so, we wish to promote transdisciplinary and lay the foundations of a creative science via the articulation of art, neurosciences, science, and engineering.

Each day will be respectively held under these following themes:
– Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Artistic gesture
– Neurophysiology of aesthetics
– Music, Mathematics and Brain
– Creativity, neural bases, neuroimaging
– The Human Brain, Creation and Science

program and registration (there school is free):


The Art & Science school is organized by:

Zoï Kapoula, Director of the GDR ESARS and of the Ecole Thématique Art & Science
Emmanuelle Volle, CNRS-INSERM, ICM, CNRS INSERM, UPMC, Salpêtrière
Moreno Andreatta (CNRS-Ircam, UMR 9912 STMS, Paris / Institute for Advanced Studies, Strasbourg)
Asaf Bachrach, UMR 7023 CNRS Université Paris 8
Alain Destexhe, CNRS UNIC EITN, Gif-sur-Yvette

The ICI/labodanse project (labex ARTS H2H) will be curating a week long workshop during the school:

SCIENCE & ART workshop :

What makes us move? What moves us? How can an artistic and a scientific processes come together, to inform but also challenge each perspective, mutually questioning their underlying assumptions and frameworks? The 5-day process will bring together the participants of the school in a collaborative embodied intellectual and artistic process. The stated goal of the process will be to create together an event, a happening that will take place on Saturday evening at the end of the school. The form of the event will take shape during the week and will build on the interests and expertise of the participants and the ideas, questions and inspiration provided during the morning sessions. The understated goal of the process is to provide a talus for the interdisciplinary meeting which is this school. By co-creating we might discover new ways of meeting and thinking. The process will be curated by a group of 4 composed of artists, scientists and a philosopher (Asaf Bachrach CNRS-researcher in cognitive neuroscience, Clint Lutes dancer and DaPoPa (Paris) pedagogue, Julien Laroche psychologist, Labex ARTS H2H, Paris 8 and Romain Bigé philosopher, [ex] ENS/ Sacré). We will make use of the technological platform of the labodanse.org project as well as of….. as tools for creation and possibly evaluation of the experience of performers and public.

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