1’59 Livestream!

Everyone knows Andy Warhol and his famous 15 minutes of fame, but are you familiar with Eun-Me Ahn and her 1’59 ? With this project, the iconic South Korean choreographer offers a group of amateurs, from all ages and all backgrounds, to create their own performance and shine for 1 minute and 59 seconds. 1’59 is the average attention span before zapping on an Internet video platform. Short when you have a lot to say, but enough to express deep feelings and share an pressing issue. The result is a surprise that acts as a magnifying glass: through a variety of themes (family, age, love, professional world, gender issues, racism, …) we see a microcosm of a fantastic reflection of society and the problems and joys that make it move.

Join us Friday July 31st at 6pm Paris time (noon NYC, 1 am Seoul – officially August 1st) on Youtube for the outcomes of this amazing project! Here’s the channel link where the livestream will occur on July 31st. Please subscribe!


If you miss out on the livestream July 31st, join us August 7th at 4:45 pm Paris time (10:45 am NYC, 11:45 pm Seoul) for the same showing here:


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