Video DaPoPa

A video we created in collaboration with our dancers in Paris and in Grenoble, beginning with a focus on the hands and gradually moving outward to see the joy and expanse in our moving bodies.  It will be presented alongside videos from institutions from around the world practicing dance for Parkinson’s at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Barcelona July 4-7, 2023!
The video editing was done by Simon Néaumet, the music is by Véronique Wilmart, the filming by Clint Lutes and Inés Hernandez, with Jane Néaumet providing production management. 
Thank you to our wonderful dancers for spending these nice sunny spring days with us and sharing your dancing with us!

#dapopa #dapopafrance #detroublerlemouvement #danceforlife #danceforlove #inclusivedance #improvisation

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