Johnny in Basel

Join myself, Maurizio Grandinetti and the Ensemble ApérOHR for a special edition of A Johnny Caged Community this Sunday April 10th at the Kulturscheune in Liestal, Switzerland (Basel).

“Everyone is a composer” and “All that we do is music” were themes that John Cage, the master of compositional happenings, often worked with.

Clint Lutes and the Ensemble ApérOHR appear at the Kulturscheune in Liestal, Switzerland, expanding  John Cage’s concept of “Music Circus” to include everyone is a dancer!  In this interactive performance, everyone is involved in the development of the events, live music and dance compositions taking inspiration from or including the audience.  And sometimes the roles will be switched completely!

Surely the performance will be filled with laughter when both performers and audience step into new shoes and roles and mix amongst each other.  Rid yourself of your fears and come enjoy this magical evening of play and devilry!

ApérOHR is an initiative of Maurizio Grandinetti, Consuelo Giulianelli, Toshiko Sakakibara and Christoph Bösch, successful chamber musicians active in various formats, all over the world for many years.

Date / Time

  • Sunday, 10. April 2016 – 17:00


  • Adults (incl. Apéritif): 33.00 CHF
  • Under 25 (incl. Apéritif): 18.00 CHF


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